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Changing out the suspension springs in your car has never been easier than entrusting your vehicle to Houston Bag Works. We specialize in air suspensions in Houston, TX, and can help you increase the value of your ride. Air ride and accessories are rubber membrane, pressurized air suspension bags to help your car or truck respond quickly. The result is a quiet and efficient motor, which provides top-notch value for those with sports vehicles and trucks.

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Houston Bag Works works on all kinds of vehicles, ranging from small coupes and Mustangs to large GMC trucks. Because we enjoy working on rides of all sizes, it's our job to keep everyone's car, SUV, or truck in top shape. We provide a host of other services to keep you satisfied and safe year-round.

People say we're the go-to place for anything air ride and auto accessories. You will be pleased with the selection and variety of products and services we feature.

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Very helpful staff
Great prices

David Flores

Awesome shop that will get you right the first time. If you want it, they can do it and stand behind the work! Thanks gentlemen!

Thomas Loving

Hands down the coolest family ever to run a shop. They can basically get anything done, and they do such an amazing job at it.

Waynecito RichieRich Richards

Great customer service. Handled my order to the best of their abilities.

Julio C Garcia

Very very professional and fast workers, definitely my go to shop, proud to rep ModdedAf 💯

Yair Gonzalez

If you in the area or even in the great state of Texas and need that air ride or just need to live that modded life, you be foolish not to come check them out.

William Z Rogers

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